On Wednesday Feb 28, the Culver City Police Department (CCPD) published a press release announcing a special city council meeting to discuss new surveillance technologies requested by the police.

The meeting, called for in February when the proposals came to the council for a second time, will take place at 5 PM on Tuesday March 13. The meeting is not entirely dedicated to these issues, however. There will likely be other items on the agenda aside from the surveillance requests, according to one Culver City councilmember. The CCPD was not reachable for comment on the meeting’s format.

Though there were calls from community- and councilmembers alike for a community discussion on these items, as opposed to a formal city council meeting, the calls were never officially enacted. That means the city council will have the capacity to approve these items on March 13.

Read the CCPD’s press briefing below and at this link.